Cyprus Constructions

'Cyprus Constructions is a professional developer providing quality properties in North Cyprus. Our goal is to provide you the best in service and quality with of course, competitive prices.

Our family run business is based both in the UK and in Northern Cyprus. We use our local knowledge of the island to ensure that the best locations are considered in our projects. Our locations are strategically selected to make you benefit from the amenities in the area, provide you with stunning scenery and furthermore ensure access to a year round water supply (something you may have taken for granted with other property developers on the island).

Our quality control standards are very high and we only use high quality material and the best craftsmenship available on the island.

Cyprus Constructions knows that every customer has their own unique needs and exclusive requirements. Our staff are well experienced and offer a wide range of professional and personal knowledge. This experience and knowledge is not particular to purchasing property, but of Northern Cyprus itself and its various aspects. Our success in the field simply rests on the principle that our "customers are our most valuable asset".

Cyprus Constructions provides all the advice that you would need in purchasing property in North Cyprus. We are well aware that buying property is probably one of the most important financial decisions you are likely to make. This is why we do our best to remove any burden from you and make your property purchase in North Cyprus an enjoyable experience with peace of mind.

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance as a considerable part of our business comes through personal recommendations.