Baştaşlar Construction

BAŞTAŞLAR is a unique construction and property development company specialising in building and civil engineering in the commercial and residential sector. Established in 1969, Baştaşlar continues to lead with an impeccable reputation in the construction, residential and management sector in Northern Cyprus. At present, Baştaşlar is finishing the Pine Valley project featuring unique Apartments, Villas and Townhouses. Other projects include the building of the Girne American University, The English school of Kyrenia and the current ongoing project of the Girne American University Hospital. In fact, a total of 20,000 meters of construction has been completed by Baştaşlar last year alone.

We don't just sell! This is the easier part of the equation! We provide full range of after sales services property and rental management services. Snagging, property cleaning service, tenancy agreements, furniture packages, white-silver goods, tenant check out, airport taxi services, Car hire, Laundry service, Personal shopping service, cleaning service, billing and resale. For rental incomes to maximize returns for our clients, we have to be very strict about the location, prices, apartment type and rental percentages in relation to the development.

Our objective is to serve our clients investment needs by finding superb property opportunities, whilst looking to maximize profits, minimize risk and provide a high and consistent level of rental income.